Foot Zoning Begins

I’m excited to get going on my Foot Zoning.  With my site redone I can now accept clients online, and I just subscribed to a service so I can accept payment by Credit/Debit card!!!  How fun is this!!!  I get to meet all sorts of wonderful people and with each appointment I come closer to achieving the needed requirements to be a Certified Foot Zone Therapist!!!

I’ll be working from home to begin, and then once things get going a bit more I’ll possibly have my own office to work out of.  That way I’ll be able to have all my resource books on hand and possibly expand my essential oil options to allow a wider array for people to choose from and possibly buy and take home with them if desired!!!  I’ll also be able to provide other natural remedy information or products to those that come – how cool is that!?!  I’m so grateful for the amazing technologies that allow me to work from home as well as help others in their lives!  All is well and wonderful and I praise God with all my heart!!!