A Land of Milk and Honey

Translated by Don Tolman it seems to have been a first-hand account of someone listening to King Solomon teaching:

“I found myself sitting outside of Solomon’s Temple on a large stone plate next to a pool of water.  Solomon was speaking and said, ‘What of milk and honey? Are these not the foods eaten only by ignorant pustulant minds, seething with filth, pollution and death?’

It is a perfect question and I shall give you what in my mind is a perfect answer.

First, let me acknowledge your sovereignty, and freedom and liberty as free and independent people, as in all things we are free to chooseWe all have experiences and beliefs and hopes and dreams and we use these to judge whether or not answers given to us by others are good and true or if they in fact are not.

In this we must learn to ‘try’ all things and to ‘see’ for ourselves what is and what is not.  And in this we need not fear any philosophies or doctrines or those who profess them.  This being said, let me continue…

For my part I have often wondered both by what accident and in what state of mind the first man, and I say man because a woman would never have done it, touched his mouth to gore and death and brought his lips to the fleshy muscles and bones of the dead corpse of a fellow creature, set forth tables of dead, stale bodies, and ventured to call food and nourishment the body parts that a little time before bellowed and cried and danced and cajoled, moved and lived.  How could eyes endure the shedding of innocent blood, the slaughter when throats were slit and hides flayed and limbs torn limb from limb?  How could his nose endure the stench?  How was it that the death and pollution did not turn away his taste, which made contact with sores and bruises and then sucked the juices and serums from mortal wounds?  It is not lions nor wolves that we eat, killed out of self-defense.  On the contrary, we ignore these and slaughter harmless, grass-eating, tame creatures without venom, stings or teeth to harm us.  For the sake of a little piece of dead corpse to eat we rob them of sun, of light, of the duration of life to which they are entitled by birth and being.  Every eater of flesh should once in his life experience the murder of the life in the body he desires to eat, unaided by cleaver, club, or weapon but with bare hands kill his meal.  In this, dead flesh would soon loose its sweet savor.  Ownership of the flesh would cease and caring of all flesh would ensue.  Those who feast on dead corpses killed by others are not innocent of the killing, rather they spend blood money and hire for kill and the shedding of the blood that they thirst and hunger for, they are not innocent.

And then I am asked, ‘what of vegetables and fruit? Solomon, are ye not also killing them?’ To someone on the path of life the answer is abundantly clear and the reasons for it.  But let me say this to the itching ears of those here so gathered who could not understand the crystal clarity of the simple truth.  To you I say the answer is, yes.  Nevertheless and not withstanding in this sacrifice of life, the plants fulfill the measure of their creation and are filled with joy in becoming an offering to the Temple of GodLife begets life.  Could it be that living foods continue to live within you, just in a different form?

Whereas the measure of creation for beasts is not in providing their dead flesh as food for man.  Death begets death.  Death has no life to give.  The measure of creation and fullness of purpose of bees, cows, foul and goats is to provide a resource of food and life giving nourishment in great abundance to women and to the children of women throughout their lives until the quickening of translation to an immortal condition occurs.

Realizing that great argument of this point could occur, let me digress and give answer to your enquiry of milk and honey.  It is for this reason you have come to hear me speak this day.  Both honey and milk come to us as ‘death free’ food.  The bees do not kill the flowers nor do the milk-giving beasts kill the grasses and herbs they eat, the grasses continue to grow.  There is no murder; there is no killing.  Think about this until your mind comprehends it.  When you take in air, sunlight and water this is also, ‘death free’ offerings that sustain life.  Wherefore in former times a land of milk and honey did signify a land, place of people, free of killing and death.  A society of beings, civilized upon principles of life and pleasure and joy.

There is upon our mother earth an information network amongst and in the flora provided here.  Milk-giving beasts chew and grind and juice an abundance of blossoms, flowers, grasses, herbs, leaves and water that to mankind would be nearly impossible to consume.  Then the dynamics of inner alchemy in the bodies of the beasts convert, transforms and creates a metamorphoses of what to us we could not eat in so great a quantities if at all, and provides an offering, a food of immediate utility, a ‘Sacrament of Life.’  In this way, we receive the information or intelligence of the plants.  Could you visit 10,000 flowers and gather the nectars the pollen and rare earth minerals and bring them to me each day, as do the bees?  I think not.  And even if you did these things would not be edible nor desirable as food.  It is the magic chemistry of the bees who sip water at the rivers edge then combine it as only they know how, to create honey, an essential food along the path of those who aspire to be gods.

Honey does not do for the bee what it can do for godlings of purity upon the path of long life and quest for immortal condition and this is wisdom in the process of eternal progression or, in other words, evolution of conscious experience in form and matter.  Milk is the succor of life and light, it is the sun held in liquid state.  It is the quickened blood of grasses.

Honey is the nectar of life and light it is the sun held in viscous state, it is the quickened blood of flowers.

Now some will find it repulsive to detest such sensual intimacy with animals, to actually drink their body fluids.  And then some are so removed from sensual intimacy of any kind that the next step is to mentally and emotionally castrate themselves even from affectionate contact with others or themselves and in some twisted perverted ‘spiritual’ way feel ‘holier’ for it.  Dare to be earthy.  Dare to be sensual.  Drink of life and feel the sensual closeness and deep intimacy in the life-giving powers of nature’s creatures.  In this discover the secrets of life, hidden in the nature of life.

Life comes of life, and the life force offered in the milk of grass quickened by beasts.  The honey of flowers, quickened by bees, is ‘free of death,’ free of killing, free of murder and free of the shedding of the life kept in innocent blood.

‘Rosia’ means ‘power of love from flowers.’ ‘Amber’ means ‘the golden light of intelligence from trees and grasses’ or simply ‘gold from green.’  It is the Pagan’s, the common folk, the country dwellers, who first took a golden ball of Amber and celebrated its meaning in a feast of dancing.  From this came the, ‘gold and green ball,’ a memorial at harvest time of the intelligence, or gold, gleaned from living things, or green.  At this festivity much drink of Earthy Ambrosia with much merriment and lovemaking bonded the celebrators even deeper in caring and protection and love.  From amber and roses comes the word ‘ambrosia,’ meaning ‘drink of the gods and goddesses.’  This was a sacrament or holy offering shared in worlds and kingdoms and queen-doms throughout all of space and time.  Our world is not the only one.  We are not alone.

It is ambrosia, a mixture of milk and honey, to the desire of one’s taste, that when taken in abundance shall build ones constitution even if it is hanging by a thread.  It shall build a strong mental atmosphere, develop the brain, prolong and extend one’s life and help overcome the desire for cooked foods.  It will develop the supreme personality hidden deep within the individual.  In other words the emotional stability and qualities of maturity, wisdom and intelligence will come forth.  Does not a babe cry out for its mother’s milk?”  Are we not to be as babe’s and then seek this life-promoting sacrament?  Are you so grown that false pride keeps you from being nursed and kept and filled with warmth and life?  Are you so learned that you have risen above so simple an understanding of these things?  Or are you simply bloated and puffed up in ignorance, and the doctrines of men, and not of life, from whence more life comes?  There is life in butter, cheese, curd, honey, milk and yogurt, unless of course you cook it and kill it, and destroy or release the life therein, which is the way of the world.  Now some experience the cleansing powers of milk and honey and judge the offering as bad.  Other’s judge fruit and fasting and some herbs in the same way, this is an error that can be tested with extended observation and doing.  Also, do not forget that the days of celebration and feasting, yet another sacrament called, ‘Earth Ambrosia’ shall strengthen ones vigor and vitals and endurance.  This the locust pod, or carob, is ground and added to Ambrosia wherein the, ‘drink of life’ changes its color and its purpose.  Fear not, for life force is kept, but a specific result is given in return and lasts but for a day and a night and day.  Remember this always, it is not the knowing of the path of life that keeps one alive, it is the doing.  There has been, is now and shall always be many great and varying philosophies about food, for food is diet and word denoting deit or god, that which is good.  For this cause, shall there be a seer up-raised in the beginning of each new age to give vision and truth and a more sure word of understanding to those who shall seek life when they hear it, and learn to do that which they hear, not out of sacrifice, but out of love.  Love for being alive and feeling radiantly alive.

We only remember being alive.  Think about it.  We do not remember being dead.  Only life has consciousness and memory.  What if life here, is all that you’ll ever know until you learn not to die anymore?  A state wherein you are always conscious?  What if there is no spirit, no heaven, no home nor castles in yonder skies that you can go to without a physical body.   What if your body is in fact your purpose for living, for existing, for being?  If this were true, would you love your body more?  Would you care for it in a better, kinder and more self-preserving way?

Would you try to create better bodies for the unborn?  What if they in fact are in you and you in them?  And what if when you die they carry the seed of you and what if in fact they could plant that seed and bring you back into life?  Would you care then what kind of body you gave to them at their birth?  Would you want to somehow ensure a good if not great body for yourself in your next life, if not just for them?  Ye cannot reap from seeds ye have not sown.  Be as the sewer of good seed in good soil that your harvest may be all that your heart desires.  In truth, good trees bring forth good fruit.  Sick trees bring forth sick fruit and must needs be nursed and cared for until they become strong or until they wilt and are up rooted and cast aside.  Think not that there is great life in death.  Death is death it is not life.  Only in life is there life and the quality of life is whatever you choose to make it.  May you create a lifestyle of civilness, elegance, health, joy, kindness, pleasure, strength, wealth and wisdom; a collective land of ‘milk and honey’.  These are as living operative symbols and collective neters of life in great abundance.“

“Milk and Honey, equate to health, joy and life.”


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