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A Land of Milk and Honey

Translated by Don Tolman it seems to have been a first-hand account of someone listening to King Solomon teaching: “I found myself sitting outside of Solomon’s Temple on a large stone plate next to a pool of water.  Solomon was speaking and said, ‘What of milk and honey? Are these not the foods eaten only…

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Spiritual Gifts

I love knowing that whatever the test or trials are in life, Heavenly Father cares so much that he provides the tools and the training needed to succeed in anything he asks us.  Even if the task seems huge and you can’t possibly see how this is going to come about, we can trust Heavenly…

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Genetics / Generational Issues

I find that there are often more than one term to describe the same thing.  For example in science the term genetics is used to say that your father or mother had this trait or gene and now its been passed onto the child.  Spiritually or Energetically speaking the term is to identify a generational…

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