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Emotional Clearing

If you’ve ever heard of noise cancellation earphones I love to use them as a perfect analogy for emotional clearing or affirmations.

When you hear something – it is actually a frequency or a wave that your eardrum interprets as this sound.  Lets say that you’re hearing the road construction outside and that frequency or vibration is really not that appealing to you so you decide to put on some of these noise cancellation earphones and block out the noise.  The way they work, is they put out their own wave or frequency that counter acts the frequency of the noise you’re hearing so its almost as if there’s nothing going on outside!!!  In math you could see it as the wave of a SIN equation vs a COSINE equation.  They counteract each other.

So with affirmations its the same.  When there is something wrong in the body, there is a certain vibration or frequency that equates to that emotion.  Lets say you’ve got a pain in your neck – well the emotions associated with that pain are not very good ones so if you’d like to apply this principal you identify the emotion and say the affirmation that negates it.

For example an emotion commonly behind Depression is : Feeling “I’ll never be able to be enough or do enough”, or Feeling “It’s no use”.  So the affirmation to counter this emotion would be : I now go beyond other people’s fears and limitations. I create my life.

So a good many of these emotions and affirmations have been identified and I’d like to make them available here through my website – so feel free to search them out and enjoy the blessings of stating your affirmations and seeing them alll throughout your life!!!