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Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra (Sound / Spirit): Blue,  ,Holy Ghost, Communication

This is the chakra located in the throat and is associated with communication and creativity.  When balanced and energized, it translates vibrations and sounds into language or communication and helps us to communicate what we feel clearly.

Attributes: Free/creative self expression, communication, inspiration, confidence, integrity, wisdom, truth, sound, creative identity, freedom, independence, access to subtler levels of being, oriented to self-expression, divine guidance, creativity, devotion, infinity, calm, peace.

Organs: Symptoms of Imbalance: Energize and Balance: Stones: Essential Oils:
• Throat,


•Bronchial Tubes,



•Salivary Glands,

•Vocal Chords,




• Difficulty expressing oneself

•Poor Learning ability

•Habitual lying




•Aggressive, selfish behavior


•Stifled expression

•Overbearing discipline

•Living in fantasy world

•Excessive manipulation of others


• Write unspoken thoughts

•Sing, chant, play musical instrument

•Truly listen with no reaction


•The process of art

•Draw on newspapers or magazines

•Draw with fat pens

•Learn a new language

•Breathing exercises

•Safely express self to another person

• Angelite,


•Blue Calcite,

•Blue Kyanite,

•Blue Sapphire,

•Blue Turquoise,


•Lapis Lazuli,

• Blue Topaz,


• Benzion