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Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra :Yellow, Fire, Father, Coordination / Organization

The Solar Plexus is located between the naval and heart, at the pericardium.  It’s name means “Seat of the Soul”.  This chakra is known as the power chakra and rules will power, metabolism and autonomy.

Attributes: Personal power, intellect, mind, wisdom, high intelligence, will, ambition, social identity, influence, authority, self-control, fire, ego identity, energy, peace, radiance, joy, inner harmony, acceptance of self, strength, action, vitality, oriented to self-definition.

Organs: Symptoms of Imbalance: Energize and Balance: Stones: Essential Oils:
• Gallbladder,

• Kidneys,

• Liver,

• Pancreas,

• Spleen,

• Stomach,

• Digestive System, &

• Nervous System

• Difficulty Concentrating

•Poor Ability to make decisions or judge a situation accurately

•Feeling more important than others

•Trouble taking action or getting things done

•Poor immune function

•Digestion Disorders

•Extreme Stress

•Feeling Anxious

•Fear = “What if”

•Shame from past humiliations

• Sun exposure

•Visualize the sun

•Allow things to be

•Focus on letting go of worries

•Memory Games

•Getting Organized


•Self love activities

•Free Meditation

• Amber,

• Citrine,

• Golden Calcite,

• Yellow Jasper,

• Topaz,

• Yellow Zircon

• Bergamot