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Here is where I’ll sort and list some of the other things I find interest in and thought would be nice to make available to others.

I enjoy just about anything on Computers, so feel free to call or contact me if you have a computer related question or would like to learn how to use one in general.  I can do some Tech Support depending on the issue, it wouldn’t hurt to ask. 😉

I’ve also spent some time making DVD’s from pictures and authoring it to music.  I would make my own yearly dvd as a sort of digital scrapbook.  I’ve also made videos for weddings, as well as anniversaries, and funerals…

I love working with Photoshop and touching up or restoring old photos.  I also really enjoy taking the pictures and then making them Sepia tone or Black and White.  There are so many beautiful things in this world; I love to take some time to appreciate them.  Another of my favorite usages for Photoshop is to make vision board pictures, like substituting my face on a picture of my dream body.  Then you can see yourself the way you’d like to be and it helps keep your goals in focus.  I love it!! 🙂