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Balancing through Chakra’s

The Chakra’s are linkage points between your aura (the subtle bodies that form the bio-magnetic sheath around your physical body) and your physical body.  Mediating energy, each chakra links to a specific area of life and to various organs and conditions.  The chakra’s below the waist are primarily physical, those in the upper torso are aligned to emotional functioning that can create psychosomatic conditions, and those in the head function on a mental and intuitive basis, although the third eye, slightly above and between the eyebrows, and the crown chakras also function at a spiritual level.  Any imbalance, blockage or disturbance in these chakras creates dis-ease that will ultimately manifest in your physical body but which can be restored to equilibrium before physical illness results.

Traditionally, each chakra has its own color, as shown on the illustration.  By placing crystals of the appropriate color and vibration on the chakras, chakra imbalances are quickly eliminated and the chakras are harmonized to work together, leading to better health and a sense of well-being.