Whoo hoo – – – someone wants to know more about me. How fun is this!?!

Well, I grew up in Riverdale, Utah with my family of 11. I being the 7th child had many adventures and was taught well how to work. Since then I’ve often been called a hard worker which I guess is part of the reason I enjoy doing so much in addition to raising my 4 amazing children. I go by the title MOM – which from my children means the world, but to everyone else it is defined as “Master of Multimedia”. My husband is a web designer and after living with him and trying to understand him for 4 years it finally clicked and I was able to design my own web page. That was a great day, to finally understand. It felt as though everything he said would hit me in the forehead and fly right over, but I continued trying and now I’ve developed a new talent. Now 8 years later and I’m offering my own services to others; and I love it too!!!

I have recently been studying health and physical fitness in an effort to better myself and my family, but also to be able to help teach and take care of others where possible.  It’s been an amazing learning adventure and I’m well pleased to keep with it.  I’ve recently Certified as a Foot Zone Therapist which I am super excited about.  Learning about Foot Zoning and the incredible benefits it is to the body has been so wonderful.  I am so grateful to have the skill to help people identify any areas of issue, and address the needs of the body in a comfortable and non-invasive manner.  I’d love to share what I’ve learned with anyone interested.

In addition to these favorites, there are many other things I enjoy doing.  I’ll put several on here, but if you think there’s something I may be interested in and you don’t see it on here already – send me an email.  It seems as though there’s this really big world full of knowledge and I am only just beginning to truly get out there and see it for what it truly is.  I love every bit of learning I am blessed to have, and I praise God with all my heart for the abundance of blessings and knowledge he’s given me.  Hallelujah!!!

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